Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Reporting to Parents

In Early Years, learning will be documented regularly through Tapestry, an online system for documenting observations and sharing learning with parents.

Termly structured conversations will take place between teachers and parents. A written report will be provided each term to share children’s targets, progress and details about their successes and next steps. The report will be followed by a meeting where teachers and parents will agree how they will work together to support the child. Where a child’s parents are separated, reports will be send to both parents.

Keeble Gateway Academy will have an open-door policy to encourage honest, positive and supportive dialogue between staff and parents. Parent partnerships will be strong as a result of the commitment of the school staff to engage with parents through face-to-face greetings at the start and at the end of the school day. We will also ensure that if we have any concerns about a child’s social and emotional wellbeing or their behaviour that we discuss it at the earliest opportunity. For our most vulnerable learners and children with SEND we may have more formal meetings on a regular basis. We will also communicate through emails to individual families, sometimes on a daily basis so that worries and concerns are dealt with in a timely manner.

At Keeble Gateway Academy parents will be given many opportunities to discuss their children’s work. This will take the form of informal 'getting to know you' drop-in sessions at the start of the school year, termly ‘How we Learn’ sessions and our Big Idea landings. We will also invite parents to join us in celebration assemblies on Fridays to celebrate children’s successes and to ensure that parents, carers and extended family and friends feel part of the Keeble Gateway Academy community.