Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

We are incredibly excited to be able to offer a virtual tour of our beautiful new school. We hope your enjoy our tour by using this link.

Our classrooms are welcoming and stimulating. There is a consistent approach to classroom environments across school as well as an embedded ethos of nurture and care for individual children.

In Early Years, our classrooms are set up to provide open-ended learning as well as celebrate the uniqueness of each individual child. We provide a variety of resources and enhancements, which inspire our children to be curious and motivated in their learning. Our classrooms incorporate key aspects of Early Years provision including: 

  • Home corner 
  • Reading area 
  • Sand tray 
  • Water area 
  • Art easels 
  • Construction area 
  • Small world resources 
  • Playdough/fine motor area
  • Loose parts



Our outdoor classroom is also a space where children can spend time learning throughout the day. This is a large space, where children not only develop themselves physically but have opportunities to develop their imagination and how to work with one another. 

In our outdoor classroom, you will find: 

  • Reading den 
  • Large construction 
  • Sandpit 
  • Fairy door
  • Climbing frames 
  • Mud Kitchen 
  • Water wall and water tray 
  • Stage area 

Children will also have access to lots of drawing and writing materials, crafting and junk modelling as well as natural materials for sensory exploration both in and outdoors



Throughout Y1 - Y6, our classrooms have:

Maths and English working walls: Our working walls are colour coded to ensure consistency across school. They show our learning journeys, provide relevant prompts and resources and are interactive to consolidate and further learning. Children contribute to working walls and are encouraged to use them to improve their work. All working walls include a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) to help children to understand the criteria for success.

Celebration of children’s work: We are committed to displaying high-quality children’s work around the school. This encourages a feeling of pride and high expectations for learning. 

Special people: We have photos of people who are special to us displayed in our classrooms. This is because the classrooms belong to the whole class and to have family photographs can help children to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Our class promises: Children in each class decide on promises to each other which are signed by everyone. This encourages positive behaviour. Children have ownership of their promises and so are less likely to break them.

Sensory basket and safe place: We have sensory baskets in our classrooms that children can access whenever they feel they need to. This is to help children to self-regulate where they find this difficult. Our safe places are an area in the classroom which is quiet and welcoming. Safe places provide an escape when children are feeling overwhelmed.

Inviting reading corner: Our reading corners have a range of books including fiction and non-fiction. Class teachers aim to provide books that their class will enjoy. Pupils have access to reading corners regularly. Reading corner themes are inspired by class texts.