Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

What are our aims? (Intent):

  • To inspire and challenge our children, through stimulating learning environments, to become confident, creative writers  
  • To inspire a love for writing 
  • To equip our children with knowledge and skills they need in order to write for a range of purposes 
  • To promote language rich environments throughout school to amplify vocabulary  
  • To focus on the quality of their writing, across all subjects 
  • To have the highest expectations of their own writing 
  • To talk confidently about the learning sequence, the approach for teaching writing and how the school environment can support this 

Our implementation: 

  • In EYFS writing is taught through discrete phonics teaching and a play-based curriculum. Opportunities for mark marking are provided in all areas of provision with adults regularly encouraging and modelling the purpose of writing. Physical development is a high priority both indoors and outdoors. Children in Reception are provided with writing opportunities in each area of the classroom. 
  • High quality core texts, with a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion, are chosen to inspire high quality published writing. 
  • The 3c’s approach is followed – Collect, connect and create from Year 1 – Year 6.  
  • Over two weeks, children identify key features of a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) identify and collect key vocabulary, learn grammatical skills and then plan, draft, edit and publish high quality writing.  
  • Writing is a golden thread which runs throughout all of our Learning Missions. 
  • Handwriting is clearly taught, in a given sequence. This is supported by Little Wandle Letters and Sounds progression. (see Handwriting policy below)
  • Keep Up Not Catch Up – progress sweeps ensure that teachers are clear on who is making progress and allows for immediate feedback. Corrective teaching and 5 minute boxes are used to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to meet at least ARE.  
  • Children who are targeted to reach Greater Depth are supported through immediate and ongoing feedback throughout writing lessons. Where appropriate, corrective teaching or 5 minute boxes may be used to provide additional opportunities to use greater depth features in their writing.  
  • The writing curriculum is ambitious for children with SEND and those who are disadvantaged. Teachers and support staff provide additional adult support, scaffolds and resources to ensure that children can access the task set. In addition, 5 minute boxes and corrective teaching are used to ensure progress is made.  
  • Our opportunities pledge means that children are provided with a wide range of experiences, which will have a positive impact on their understanding of the wider world and imagination.  
  • There is a priority on CPD for teachers, including PDMs, subject leader networks and Trust moderation. 

Our impact:

  • Children are passionate about writing 
  • Pupils can access and follow an ambitious writing curriculum that has our vision for exceptionally high expectations as a driver  
  • Standards in books are very strong  
  • End of key stage data is in line with or above national benchmarks. 


Please see below for our English Progression Document:

Click here to see our handwriting policy.