Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Our Nursery class is warm and welcoming, an environment in which children are nurtured, motivated and eager to learn. Children in nursery are given the best opportunities to develop both holistically and academically. Children benefit from a wide range of practical and educational activities, which excite, challenge and inspire them.

Children in nursery will learn through play. We focus on laying the early foundations for learning that will enable children to thrive throughout their school life. Each day they will access provision both indoors and outside and will choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. Children in nursery will also engage in short, fun, daily phonics and maths learning, through songs, games and carefully set up provision. Children will develop the gross and fine motor skills for early writing. They will engage in some whole class activities, such as sitting together for a story, singing or show and tell. These activities are designed to further children’s personal, social and emotional development, speaking and listening skills and physical development.

We want children to love coming to nursery! We aim for them to learn to follow their own interests, work with others, build strong relationships with their peers and teachers and become independent and ready for school. 

Children are eligible to attend our Nursery from the term after their third birthday. For more information, or to request a visit, please contact our School Office on 01845 448227 or email admin@keeblegatewayacademy.org

To apply, please download the application form.

To see more information about our pricing for nursery sessions, please download the form here

Early Years Funding

Early years funding is available to all children and comes into effect the term after their 3rd birthday, from which time they will be entitled to 15 funded hours in an approved childcare setting.


The date you can claim will depend on when your child turns three years old. You can claim up to 15 hours per week for up to 38 weeks of the year.

Child's Third Birthday                                                                       When you can Claim:

1st January - 31st March                                                                      The beginning of term on or after 1st April

1st April - 31st August                                                                        The beginning of term on or after 1st September

1st September - 31st December                                                      The beginning of term on or after 1st January


Example: if your child was born on 15 April 2015. They'll become eligible to claim funded childcare from the start of term following 1 September 2018.


Depending on the family circumstances, some children may also be entitled to an additional 15 hours (30 in total) subject to the criteria set out here:  



Parents must apply at https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/ if they believe they may be eligible, and this generates a code which they provide to the school to confirm eligibility. This must then be renewed termly.


Further information is available on North Yorkshire County Council's website. Please visit https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/early-years-funding-3-and-4-year-olds