Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves


Keeble Gateway Academy RSE Policy 


Our intent for our PHSCE approach that children need to feel safe and happy in order to learn and achieve their potential. Our PSHCE curriculum is designed specifically for our children, considering our context and children's prior experiences and knowledge. It aims to embed safe practices as well as happiness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Fundamental British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Tolerance, Mutual Respect and Individual Liberty are explored through our approach and are also embedded across all aspects of school life, including assemblies, the creative curriculum and our ethos and core values.  


Our intent is:  

  • To prepare our children for life in modern Britain and the wider-world.  
  • For children to develop and maintain a variety of healthy relationships, within a range of social/cultural contexts  
  • to identify and effectively manage different influences on health and wellbeing  


We implement our PSHCE curriculum by: 


  • Using Philosophy for Children (P4C) and the Oxfam guide to Global learning for Schools to explore issues and teach the children questioning, thinking and debate skills. 
  • Linking the 3 main areas of PHSCE curriculum (Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World) to our ‘Learning Mission’ themes, thus making learning meaningful and interlinked with their prior knowledge. We therefore provide a spiral programme of knowledge, skills and attribute development, where prior learning is revisited, reinforced and extended in age- and stage-appropriate contexts through engaging and inspiring stimuli.  


Children at Keeble will be enabled to use the skills and values learnt through our PHSCE curriculum in real life contexts. We have already made links with our local community, church and residential home so that children appreciate and recognise their impact on people and communities around us. We hope to make links with schools from contrasting settings in the near future. 

The impact of our PHSCE education is that children are open, sensitive and reflective individuals who respond and manage issues in their own lives and have a deep moral understanding of the impact of their actions on others. Pupils use their debate skills across the curriculum, demonstrating respect and sensitivity.