Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Here's what our children have to say....

"I love learning new rhythms", "I enjoy listening to different genres of music", "One of my favourite things about school is performing with instruments"

National Curriculum and the art curriculum progression model – our aims

  • At Keeble Gateway Academy, we offer a creative, comprehensive Music curriculum based on the National Curriculum and the Elevate curriculum progression model for Music, as well as drawing upon the Model Music Curriculum. This is to support our Music teaching to be ‘beyond the statutory requirements’.
  • Our approach to teaching Music is to nurture, inspire and challenge children as musicians, through a safe and happy learning environment. To create, collaborate and celebrate different people, cultures and communities in the world around them to ‘feed the soul’ of our school community.
  • We aim to ensure that all children, regardless of background or circumstance are inspired and enthused about Music, building their confidence to pose questions, experiment, perform in front of others, form their own musical opinions and therefore further extend their musical knowledge to achieve excellent standards in Music across all year groups from Nursery, through to Year Six.
  • Through our school’s core values of aspiration and self-belief, children are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to become confident composers and performers, ready to further their learning in Music in both secondary school and beyond.
  • The curriculum model carefully sequences knowledge, skills and vocabulary across the key areas of Music: singing, listening, composing and performance/instrumental performance. We teach these key areas of Music across the skills of musicianship, pulse/beat, rhythm and pitch.
  • We also provide other opportunities for the children to develop their love for Music as well as to understand Music’s place in the world through our school-wide recognition of Music as well as memorable experiences such as live performances e.g. local musicians and theatre visits. This year, we will celebrate this as part of World Music Day in June. This is to ensure that all children have universal, rich experiences and access to cultural capital to support their musical knowledge and understanding. We aim to limit the effects of the pandemic on this.
  • To develop children’s awareness and encourage children to listen and appreciate different genres of music and recognise how this has evolved over time.
  • For pupils to be equipped with knowledge about a range of diverse composers and how music reflects some key events in history.
  • To understand how music can be used as a unique form of communication that can change and impact the way we feel, think and act.

Keeble's Teaching Sequence for Music:

Totally RAD are coming to Keeble Gateway Academy!

 RAD believe that whatever the skill level or budget, all children deserve access to exceptional music tuition.

Our highly skilled network of professional musicians provide next-level tuition for the next generation of talent, no matter the location, budget or capability.

 Provided on-site, within school hours and at a highly-competitive rate; with RAD, students can experience expert music tuition that helps them sharpen skills, express creativity, and dream BIG, with no disruption or stress – all from the very best in the business.

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HW Primary Music

Our music curriculum is supported by Hayley Watkinson, Primary Music Specialist. 

All KS1 and KS2 children in our school will be taught by Hayley at points throughout the year, and Nursery and Reception children will be taught my Miss Emma Fraser (Music Subject Lead), so that children receive specialist music provision. This also provides a wealth of CPD for teachers and support staff. The children love their music sessions!