Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Our intent is to ensure children to participate in a variety of musical experiences and appreciate different forms of music. We aim to build up the confidence of all children through the progression of study. We aim for children to leave Year 6 with a deep understanding of the music curriculum.  We aim that children have a broad understanding of music around the world and how this is embedded in different cultures. 


We implement music through: 

  • In EYFS we implement music through daily singing and rhyme, as well as access to musical instruments in the classrooms. Adult interactions further challenge children by introducing musical vocabulary. We also have a music specialist come to teach the children regularly.  
  • Our teaching focuses on developing the children’s ability to understand rhythm and follow a beat.  Children develop descriptive language skills in music lessons when learning about how music can represent different feelings, emotions and narratives. We also teach technical vocabulary such as volume, pitch, beat and rhythm and encourage children to discuss music using these terms. 
  • The National Curriculum provides a structure and skill development for the Music curriculum being taught. This is linked to our Learning Missions to provide a creative approach, which reflects a balanced programme of study. 
  • All children having an opportunity to access music and singing lessons with a specialist music teacher.


Nurture and Relationships, Highest Expectations and Creative and Innovative Sequential Approaches 


The impact of our Music curriculum is children:

  • Achieve their absolute potential by having the highest expectations of their learning 
  • Be confident to ask questions and extend their knowledge. This is enabled by positive relationships and nurture