Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Our Intent:

  • Our approach to teaching Religious Education is grounded in the three elements of our school vision: relationships, an innovative approach to teaching and having the highest expectations.
  • To inspire and challenge our children, through a safe and happy learning environment, to achieve excellent standards including all aspects of the NYCC agreed syllabus for Religious Education
  • To engage and excite our children about Religious Education through real, relevant and purposeful learning
  • We do this by ensuring that the learning is real, relevant and purposeful, including visits, visitors from a range of faiths and use of religious sources/artefacts. This is to ensure that all children, particularly those who are disadvantaged, have experiences and access to cultural capital to support their developing knowledge and understanding of Religious Education. The pandemic has also impacted this for all our of children. 
  • To equip our children with a deep understanding of the theology underpinning religious beliefs and the ways in which these beliefs are lived out in reality
  • To equip our children with knowledge and skills in order to be reflective, seeing varying world views and values through their own eyes.
  • To inspire a passion for learning so that children develop critical thinking skills and higher order questioning when considering meaning, purpose and truth.
  • To ensure our children are open minded, accepting and wondrous about world-wide beliefs, further instilling these values in others and our community.
  • To immerse children in their learning through high quality texts linked to Religious Education  
  • To ensure that any gaps in learning, as a result of COVID, are closed and pupils meet age related expectations.
  • To enable our children to articulate their learning confidently and to remember knowledge and vocabulary.
  • To prepare and inspire our children for further learning in Religious Education in secondary school and beyond

Our implementation:      

  • In EYFS RE is taught through developing the children’s understanding on different religious beliefs around the world. Children In EYFS think about special people and places and develop their understanding on how special people help them. Key bible stories are used throughout the teaching of RE. EYFS children are also encouraged to talk about their own experiences both past and present.  R.E is taught through 'RE weeks' every half term, which fully immerses the children in learning about a particular religion or concept
  • R.E is taught through the North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus, corresponding with our whole school 'Learning Mission' approach from EYFS to year 6
  • R.E lessons include ‘focus tasks’ which every child completes linked to the NYCC objectives. The children have a choice of additional activities to further learning, practise retrieval and apply their knowledge to different contexts
  • The Believing, Expressing, Living approach, is a creative and innovative sequential approach to R.E.  Believing- learning the theology behind various world views and how their beliefs are practised. Expressing- Explore how a religion is expressed. Thus developing their spiritual and moral development. Living - Pupils have the opportunity see how values impact on people's everyday lives and how they respond and put their beliefs into action. Our RE lessons are designed to promote our core values and changing attitudes of others through action in line with our school vision.
  • The children's learning is real and meaningful by inviting visitors from various beliefs and trips to experience different religions and places of worship
  • Learning Mission books that are high quality and show a range of evidence which builds from year to year
  • Learning Mission books reflect our school values –Kindness, friendship and respect and values celebrated within different religions
  • Knowledge organisers are used to ensure key knowledge and vocabulary is introduced. Teachers ensure that knowledge organisers build on previous learning and that pupils remember their learning

Our impact:

  • Pupils have a deep knowledge about people from different backgrounds and environments and are open minded, accepting and wondrous about world-wide beliefs, further instilling these values in others and our community
  • Pupils can access and follow an ambitious curriculum that has our vision for exceptionally high expectations as a driver
  • Thoughtfully planned religious education (RE) lessons engage pupils in comparing challenging current issues
  • Standards in books and assessment are very strong