Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

In Kingfisher class, learning is approached through a mixture of provision based play activities and focused group learning. The learning and activities are exciting, engaging and hands on which enable children to learn effectively. The learning focusses on knowledge and key skills the children need to equip them with for the wider world. Learning is supported with quality resources and quality first teaching strategies, which are reactive to the needs of the children.


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What we will be learning in Year 1:

Each half term, children go on a learning journey through our Learning Mission approach. The knowledge organisers for each learning mission is below: 

Spring 1 Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 2 Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 1 Knowledge Organisers:

Learning in Year 1


Kingfishers work on a focussed input led by the teacher, which builds on their prior knowledge and skills. Children are given opportunities to lead their own learning through relevant provision opportunities linked to the knowledge and skills focus of the session. Children can access these provision areas around their focus task, which is completed in small groups supported by an adult. The focus group activity is an extension of the input and is a chance for the children to put into practice the knowledge and skills taught. The aim of these sessions is to support the children in building stamina for writing and gaining exposure to a range of writing skill and genres.


The children work in a similar way. The children access a focused input let by the teacher, which builds on their prior knowledge and skills. The children are then given opportunity to practice these skills in the provision areas. High quality maths challenges and practical resources are available to the children to encourage them to apply their conceptual understanding, reasoning and problem solving skills. The children can access these activities around their focus task which again is completed in small groups supported by an adult. The focus groups enable children to practice practical and real life maths challenges with the support of an adult. The children are asked to choose a one or two star challenge to complete which are chosen dependent upon their confidence level, one star challenge being at the expected level and two star being the more challenging.


What’s New in Year 1?

The structure of our Year 1 classroom and timetable, ensures there is a smooth transition from Early Years to Year 1. This enables children to access the areas of provision such as construction, small world, creative station, and water play in between focussed tasks led by an adult. 

Early Bird Maths

This a short maths session where children consolidate basic number skills. The children are given a set of 4 questions which focus on remembering the maths concepts and knowledge that they have acquired so far. The idea is the children are accessing regular consolidation and practice of previous skills.


The children will take part in an input as a whole class, they will then go off into the provision areas where there are relevant maths challenges set. Each child will be asked throughout the session to complete a focus task led by the teacher.


This works in a similar way to the maths sessions. The children take part in an input as whole class and then access the provision areas where they complete challenges relevant to the English intention. Each child will be asked throughout the session to complete a focus task led by the teacher.


This session follows the same format the Early Years sessions they are used to. Over the course of the year, the children will consolidate phases 3, 4 and learn phase 5.

Whole Class Reading

In this session the children are exposed to a range of quality texts which reflect the expectations of year 1 curriculum. They will work on word reading skills, fluency and comprehension skills. This will be done through a range of tasks and activities supported by the teacher.

Learning Mission

The learning mission is an engaging and exciting half termly theme of which all our learning is based around. The specific afternoon sessions meet the national curriculum objectives for science, history, geography, art, design technology, religious education, computing and music. The children are expected to complete a focus task led by the teacher and have the option to choose activities in the provision areas.

Creative Story Telling

During this time the children enjoy a story in a range of creative ways. This could be reading a story in a different way, creating stories or acting them out.


Mindfulness is a well-being session where calming and therapeutic techniques are used to focus the children’s minds.

Information Station

This session is at the end of the day where we discuss any interesting news the children would like to share or is topical in the media. The children can bring in photos, articles, letters or objects to put on our display which we will share and discuss as a class.

Reflection Time

The children take time at the end of the day to consider a ‘thought of the day’ this could be something they have enjoyed, they are grateful for or something they have learned throughout the day.

Forest Schools

This session is led by Outdoor Adventure Forest School and supported by Mrs O’Neill. This session incorporates a range of outdoor activities such as den building, fire lighting and planting. The children will be doing this each first half term of every term, (Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1) in the second half term, the children will continue outdoor learning sessions with Mrs O’Neill.


These sessions take place outdoors and are led by Total Sports staff. They incorporate a mixture of health and fitness activities and sports skills.