Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Physical Education

At Keeble Gateway Academy we strive to deliver outstanding PE where children participate in a wide range of experiences, allowing them to develop a love for physical activity, an interest in sport and lifelong healthy habits. 


 Our intent is for pupils to:


  • To achieve excellent standards in PE 
  • To enjoy and have the confidence to participate in a range of physical activities
  • To develop high levels of physical fitness through regular sustained physical activity 
  • To develop a wide range of skills and determination to practice and therefore improve 
  • To embed lifelong healthy habits and understanding of all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including mental wellbeing and nutrition
  • To be advocates of sports, being proud of their achievements, both individually and as a team player 

This is implemented in school through:

  • Long term plans which are carefully considered to provide a range of opportunities each year 
  • Lesson plans which are inclusive and challenging for all, focusing on high levels of involvement and skill development 
  • Investing in expert coaches who use innovative teaching approaches to motivate children and support teachers  
  • Early years outdoor provision which provides a wealth of physical challenges for children to make accelerated progress in their gross motor skills 
  • Making links with local schools to arrange small scale competitions and establishing our place in the competition pathway in the future
  • Celebrating our own successes and recognising the sporting successes of role models around the world 



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