Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Early Years at Keeble Gateway Academy are fun, exciting and full of sparkle! We firmly believe our children learn best through an inquisitive and explorative approach, they learn through playing. Play is serious learning for children, through play children challenge themselves, problem solve, work together, learn to lead, communicate, negotiate, develop an inquiring mind, express ideas, imagine, laugh and have fun. 

Through child-led play, every day is different and every day is an adventure. The children’s high levels of involvement mean that they are intrinsically motivated and their play is purposeful; it is a journey which evolves over time. This level of deep-play maximises their learning, children have an innate desire to wonder, discover, create and question and at Keeble we facilitate this, so every child can achieve their potential. 

Our children are independent; they choose what they learn and how they learn it. They are happy to tackle challenges and take risks; they choose to do this because that is the culture of our EYFS.  When faced with challenges, they develop the problem solving skills in Reception which enable them to be resilient learners.


We use an online learning journey in Robins Class called Tapestry. Each day we take photos and videos of the children's learning, these observations are directly shared with parents so you know what your little ones have been learning.


Enjoy a tour of our inspiring and nurturing Reception classroom - Welcome to Robins class!