Every Child Achieves

Every Child Achieves

Curriculum at Keeble

We use a highly successful curriculum model to ignite a passion for learning and ensure that children are motivated to achieve their best. The Elevate philosophy for teaching and learning is 'Keep Up not Catch Up'. This approach was initially created by Dame Reena Keeble and has been continually developed by schools within Elevate. Across all of our schools there is a relentless determination that children will achieve their absolute potential, regardless of their circumstances or background. This is achieved by implementing cutting edge teaching practice and ensuring that each child has all of the support they need to flourish.

Curriculum Intent

The National Curriculum is used to inform planning for all subjects. Our curriculum intent is to:


  • Ensure that all children feel safe, happy and valued as individuals and embed values of love, kindness, self-belief and aspiration.
  • Have the highest expectations for what all children can achieve regardless of background or starting points. 
  • Confidently challenge and confront injustice and inequality as articulate advocates of change, celebrating and respecting diversity.  
  • Prepare children for their next steps; from key stage to key stage and beyond.  
  • Be child-led, engaging and innovative through a creative and ambitious approach. 
  • Encourage our children to consistently try hard even when they encounter difficulties.   
  • Immerse our children in outdoor learning and use forest schools principles. 
  • Ensure children receive valuable support at home through excellent parent partnerships. 
  • There is emphasis on knowledge and vocabulary acquisition and teaching is carefully structured to enable pupils to remember what they have been taught.  Learning across the curriculum is sequentially planned to build on knowledge and skills. 
  • Reading is an integral part of the curriculum. 
  • Community links are central to ensuring our children have a broad understanding of the local world around them.  
  • Children will be given opportunities to explore and appreciate different cultures and beliefs through global learning experiences.    


Our Golden Threads of Nurture and Relationships, Highest ExpectationsCreative and Innovative Sequential Approaches and Global learning and SMSC are embedded throughout our Curriculum. 


As part of our curriculum offer, we pledge to provide enriching and experiences for our children throughout their time with us at Keeble Gateway Academy. Please see our Opportunities Pledge here!

We value each child’s contribution and individuality. Our individual Learning Mission books are full of published work with we are proud to share with others.


Our curriculum is implemented through Learning Missions. These are whole school, cross curricular topics that aim to inspire and excite children about new learning.

Through each Learning Mission, the children go on a learning journey from launch to landing. Children use knowledge organisers to support their learning so they remember long term the content they have been taught.



Here are our Learning Missions for the academic year 2021/22:



Keeble Gateway Academy Curriculum Progression Document




Please also refer to our Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy.


If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please contact Mrs Layfield, Head of School.